Three-year Old Child Care

CreekStone Academy Lithonia

Bright and active at CreekStone Academy Lithonia!

CreekStone Academy Lithonia

We see lots of smiling faces!

Three year olds are great observers and explorers.

To them, each day is an exciting new adventure experienced through new words and language skills. They love silly songs, story time, and dramatic play that encourages discovery and growth. Preschoolers strive to perfect their fine and gross motor skills, and they are eager to learn.

CreekStone Academy Lithonia

Our three year old program helps
ensure an active mind and body!

At CreekStone Academy Lithonia, your three year olds’ day is filled with activities that engage these little explorers’ minds and bodies and embrace their imagination and curiosity! Our three year olds enjoy an exciting fun paced day through many engaging activities.

Centers and Dramatic Play are staged to re-enforce lesson plans through play, so our explorers can learn at their own pace.

CreekStone Academy Lithonia’s Playground is an adventure in itself with equipment for climbing, sliding, balancing, and jumping.

The CreekStone Academy Lithonia childcare staff is committed to creating a positive learning foundation that will help create a lifelong love of learning in every child in our care.

Our three year old program offers daily discoveries through a variety of activities:

  • Literacy
  • Computer Play
  • Language Development
  • Art
  • Music
  • Fun Math
  • Creative movement
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish

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CreekStone Academy Lithonia
We Develop “The Total Child”